Martin Lewis Recommends PPI Resolver Tool

Martin Lewis partnered with Resolver,  a highly recommended online tool that could help making a complaint for PPI simpler.

For years now Martin Lewis has been the go-to guy for anything PPI Claim related and his website Money Saving Expert has been an excellent resource for anyone wanting to make a complaint for compensation.  With template letters, calculators and answers to pretty much all your PPI related questions MSE really is a great website to visit.  However, being the type of person that Martin is he is always trying to make the complaints process easier and that’s where comes in. is a website with an online tool that helps people ‘resolve’ complaints they have with companies in the UK.  Lewis partnered with Resolver in 2015 seeing it as a much-needed resource due to the ever-increasing complaints that have arisen for issues such as PPI.  But the website doesn’t just help you with PPI, it helps with every other conceivable business in the UK and has over 5000 companies implemented in the tool.  Here are some examples:

Telecoms Companies (home & mobile)
Energy Suppliers (gas, electric & water)
High Street Shops (return disputes etc.)
Public Services (such as the DVLA)
Travel Agents (cancelled flights, bad hotels etc.)
Financial Companies (PPI & Bank Claims)
restaurants (takeaways etc)
Insurance Companies and Brokers

In the video above, Resolver employee James shows you how to make complaining simple and easy by going to the Resolve website tool and choosing from over 5,000 companies already listed and then following the instructions. In this example he uses British Gas and starts to make a complaint about an issue with billing, but it could have just as easily been a complaint to a bank or credit card company about a PPI claim.

After choosing the company you wish to make a complaint to the next thing to do is to find out what your legal rights are which the tool automatically displays on-screen.  If after reading them you then still want to go ahead and make a complaint you can carry on with the process.  The tool then asks you to input a reference or account number associated with the complaint and to describe what the issue is about and when it happened.

Next you are asked to fill in your postcode and to state your emotion about the complaint such as anger or worry. The tool uses your emotion to help form the automated email it creates that will be sent to the company you are complaining to. The Resolver tool has a prepackaged template to use and you can upload any supporting documents and then press send. Once you’ve sent it the system creates a case file that can record any future communications that you send and receive. If you make phone calls through a provided app available from Android and iPhone stores it will record the phone calls and drop them into your case file. You can edit or add any supporting information you require and the system will remind you what to do and when. If the complaint can’t be resolved by you it will even send the case through to the Ombudsman for free.

Resolver is here to make complaining about PPI simple, quick and easy for consumers.